It all started with two Chihuahuas and some suitcases...three of them.


Actually to back track a bit it really started with multiple jobs, night classes, and a lot of stress.

Then a Google search.

My mom and I boarded an American Airlines flight for an exploratory trip to an Andean city I had previously never heard of in Ecuador.  As North Carolina natives think Southern Belles in South America. 

Within the next year, we sold almost everything and packed up three suitcases each and two chihuahuas. We were now homeless but headed for adventure and greater simplicity.

The first place we stayed was called the Funky Monkey if that tells you anything about what we were getting into! 

I’ve been abroad for over 5 years now. In that time I have attended fundraising events and birthday parties. Made new friends and explored new places. Taken my Chihuahuas for many walks and snapped numerous pictures of the architecture, street art, and street vendors. Have learned many things like how to be more patient and open and understanding.

I’ve watched dancers, and symphonies, and even a meteor shower in the Cajas.

I’ve explored. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve played.

I’ve moved again and again. I’ve learned to love harder.

I've learned to rest between the hustle and to leap before I'm ready. And to ask for help. Still learning that one. 

I’ve cooked and I’ve cleaned and I’ve run my writing business. I’ve looked at the ordinary days in a new way.

I've learned to curate my life. To find the best moments in the everyday and reflect upon them. Like a museum curator chooses the best for an exhibit. Or an artist is selective of her color palette. A musician who chooses his key notes. Or, a writer like myself, who explores a thesaurus for just the right expression. 

Life is in and of itself an adventure. Curate your life. Choose well. 

Life is in and of itself an adventure. Curate your life. Choose well.

Chihuahuas, costumes, cafes...Oh My!