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Maybe you’ve heard of B2B Business to Business Marketing or B2C Business to Consumer Marketing.

I’m specializing in B2M...Business to Millennial.


About Me

Hi, I'm Lori, a Millennial born slab dab in the middle of the 80's.

I've spent the last few years doing weird "Millennial Like Things" from deciding to sell everything and move to the equator to adding charcoal to my shampoo in order to make my hair grow faster all while indulging in my social media obsession and honing my writing craft.

There is a Chihuahua upon my lap and lots of coffee involved in my writing process. I come at your content prepared, obviously.  

How does this help you?

With so much content out there vying for our attention, it's not enough to just add to the mix and hope for the best. You have to know who you are reaching. I know Millennials. What they think and what they want. We want to live better lives and use technology to that end.

I'm here to help you create engaging blog posts to share your social media, productivity, health and "Live Better" apps, websites, resources, and tools.

If your product or service is helping Millennials save time, money, and live better, I want to know about it and help you get the word out.


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And then let me know how I may help you.

Working with Lori Hil is a joy! She creates great and impactful content in a timely manner and is in-touch with the brand message. Lori is easily able to adjust voice and tone to stay true to the brand whether in social media or blog posts.

~Thomas Murphy,

Writing for an unfamiliar industry is extremely difficult, however, Lori handled it very well. Lori was very professional in her approach and was happy to go the extra mile to take the case study to where it needed to be. I have no hesitation in recommending Lori... All in all, very satisfied with the result.

Team at ~Corality

Lori was wonderful to work with. This was my first time hiring a ghost writer. Lori was able to take my basic instructions and create just what I was looking for. I also appreciated how she would check-in with me and show her progress so that I could make any changes along the way. The project was completed early and is perfect.

~Meisha Rouser