Chihuahua in lap, coffee in hand. May the words be ever in your favor...

Engaging content to connect you to your target audience.

I’m Here to be your Freelance Writer Because…

A. I adore engaging content and believe it can be a game changer

B. I know you have other things to do when it comes to running your business

I became a freelance B2C writer because I'm obsessed with clear and fun communication. I can help you by creating the engaging and share-worthy posts for your business and lifestyle blogs. You can simply give me a topic, I can brainstorm topics with you, or I can even create posts around your podcast or radio show! Then, you get back to doing what you do best…running your biz while I write your blog posts!

Don’t you love a win-win!


More About Me: I made the radical decision a few years ago to move abroad and offer writing services to help online business owners engage with their fans and potential customers. I now reside in the midst of the Andes Mountains writing with a chihuahua in my lap and coffee close at hand. I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit creating pretend businesses from my "office" aka the shed in my backyard.       I created menus for non-existent restaurants, started a bed and breakfast complete with plastic play food, and ran a make-shift post office. I continue my passion for business now by helping others use words to connect through content marketing. 

How may I help you? Email me: