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5 quick ways to create a vibrant workspace, Cafe Quill

According to a Gallup, the typical “40-hour” workweek is actually longer than that:

"Adults employed full time in the U.S. report working an average of 47 hours per week, almost a full workday longer than what a standard 5-day, 9-to-5 schedule entails. In fact, half of all full-time workers indicate they typically work more than 40 hours, and nearly 4 in 10 say they work at least 50 hours."


Why Use Video to Share Your Brand Message + Innovative Examples, SafeHouseWeb

The success of your business relies heavily upon getting your brand message not only out into the world but seen and received. So, how do you cut through all the online noise?


This is what happened when I tried a standing desk, Cafe Quill

Saying that “sitting is the new smoking” may be a little extreme, but sitting all day does have its health risks. Too much sitting can be bad for both our physical and mental health. After all, insufficient physical activity is 1 of the 10 leading risk factors for death worldwide.


3 Top Reasons Why Retaining Customers is Important, Smarp

Did you know that increasing your customer retention rates by just 5% can increase your profits between 25-95%? Relationships generate bigger profits. It is true, customer loyalty has a valuable impact on your bottom line. Retaining your current customer base has numerous benefits to your business. Let’s cover the top 3.


5 best practices for working from home with focus and grace, Cafe Quill

One of the first ever control group studies on flexible work programs was conducted in 2016 by MIT and the University of Minnesota. Researchers wanted to see if there were measurable benefits. The result? Yes, yes there are.


These 5 powerful tweaks will make you a morning person, Cafe Quill

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, light from a rainbow is streaming in your window as you spring joyfully out of bed to begin your day. No? Ok, some people just seem to always wake up early on the right side of the bed.


10 powerful strategies for managing procrastination now, Cafe Quill

Unaccomplished tasks and the choices we make (or fail to make) can weigh on us, lead to more procrastination and eventually become overwhelming. To break the cycle, you have to take action. But you need a procrastination-busting strategy, right? Here are a few ways to kick yourself into gear and get more done.


5 Awesome New Dropbox Features For iOS 10 And How To Use Them, Safe House Web

It was November 7th, 2011 when one of the tech’s hottest startups graced the cover of Forbes magazine. That startup was Dropbox. Under the leadership of founder Drew Houston, the online storage platform has grown rapidly since then. Even after turning down Steve Jobs’ request to acquire Dropbox for Apple.  


How to deal with generational gaps in the workplace, Cafe Quill

Did you know that there can be up to five different generations in any given workplace? The players in your workplace could include:

Traditionalists (born before 1946)
Baby Boomers (1946-1964)
Generation X (1965-1976)
Millennials/Generation Y (1977-1997)
Generation Z (after 1997)


Do You Know How To Grow Your Twitter As A Content Creator? Immensely Social

Ready to grow your twitter?

Number of people that use Twitter? 310 Million according to Digital Trends

I have recently decided to put more concentration on growing my twitter following. As I seek advice, I thought I would pass it on to my fellow content creators who also want to grow on Twitter.


7 ways to unwind after a stressful day at work, Cafe Quill

Transitions. They are the key to helping you move smoothly between work life and home life and reduce stresses of the day.

A survey by the Family and Work Institute revealed that 40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful. It’s even reported that job stress is more associated with health issues and complaints than financial or family problems.


Pinterest for Business: How to Get Started & Be Successful, Sprout Social Insights

Should you be using Pinterest for business? With so many other social networks to choose from, why Pinterest?

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms in that it acts more like a search engine. That alone makes it a powerful medium for your business. The right people—the people who are searching for what you have to offer—can actually find your posts/pins.


Love Your Workspace, Love Your Work: Cynthia Rowley Collection, Cafe Quill

Furniture designer Charles Eames said, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” When it comes to your office space, that purpose is where function and beauty meet. Your goal is to create a space that inspires you to do your best work.

The spaces surrounding us impact our productivity. They either nurture us to be more successful or hold us back. 


5 Awesome Desk Hacks That Will Improve Your Work Day, Cafe Quill

If you participate in the average 40-hour workweek, you likely spend a large portion of that time at your desk. Your office environment is important, but within that is your desk environment. An optimized desk setup is essential to your productivity along with increased health and happiness.


6 Ways Successful Women Build An Excellent Team, Kinetic Search

Successful women in business and life have various methods of direction across a myriad of organizations. But, they all have some powerful lessons on leadership to teach us when it comes to building a team. Whatever your business, being surrounded by a supportive team is crucial.


How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Budget, Sprout Social

The average amount businesses allocate toward their social media budget varies tremendously. Depending on the size of your company, whether or not you’re running social media ads or the number of handles you manage–costs can reach a few hundred dollars a month or several thousands.


How to Create Effective Facebook Lead Generation Ads, Sprout Social

What if there was a powerful way to boost your Facebook marketing efforts? What if you could offer your followers gated content to encourage signups and generate leads all from within Facebook?

You can do this and more with Facebook Lead Generation Ads.


Where To Maximize Productivity When Business Is Slow, Café Quill

If you are reading this you have likely experienced a time when business is slower than usual. It happens to the best of us. How do you feel when it happens? Do you feel anxious? Rather than allowing your heart rate to increase, feeling worried and stressed, see it as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to increase your own productivity, put some systems in place, connect on a deeper level with your current customer base and set yourself up for the next wave of success.


25 Valuable Books For Entrepreneurs To Fuel Your Spirit, Immensely Social

If you too, want to fuel that awesome entrepreneurial heart, today’s post will give you the books for entrepreneurs to do just that! Some are books that I have personally read, others I want to read and/or have been recommended by wonderful entrepreneurs I adore. These books will help improve your marketing, writing, blogging, business, and life!


How to Create the Ultimate Social Media Content Strategy, Sprout Social

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you dive head first into the social media pool. Floundering around with no purpose to your social media promotion is ineffective and time-consuming. What you need is a strategy to increase the effectiveness and engagement of your content. The purpose of a social media content strategy, aside from maintaining your sanity, is results. 


How to Become the Master of Goal Setting and Finish the Year With a Bang, Café Quill

How are you doing with your goals this year? As we head into the last quarter of the year, it is a great time to pause and evaluate your goals. While celebrating your wins, you will likely discover some goals you have not yet met. The good news is that there is still time to meet those goals and finish the year off with a bang! Pretend to start fresh and give yourself a motivational boost.


How to Build Out Your Social Media Content From Scratch, Sprout Social

Having social profiles with no social media content is like visiting an empty warehouse. There’s nothing to see, feel or engage with. Empty social profiles look worse to potential customers than not having them at all. It makes you appear as someone who starts something halfway, but doesn’t commit.


Developing A Ritual Of Presence Through The Mindfulness Collection, Aquiesse

Mindfulness is not just a meditative practice to participate in a few minutes a day. It is a way of life, an every day...every moment gift. It is the ability to use all your senses- to smell taste and see that life is beautiful. Our mindful collection has been developed to support this daily presence while supporting humanity and mother earth. 


10 Personal Branding Secrets to Use for Social Media, Sprout Social

Do your social media profiles scream promotion, promotion, promotion? If so, you could be missing out on the true personal branding power that social media holds. At its best, social media will allow you and your business to be seen and heard as an expert in your field. It allows you to measure your impact to see if your online campaigns are having the effect you desire. Promotion is only a small aspect of a social media strategy.


Instagram Trends That Will Get You More Followers And Likes, BeFunky

Instagram launched in October 2010. Over 20 billion photographs have been shared on the site since then. 70 million new photos are shared each day. ~LinkedInPulse

That’s a lot of competition, but also a lot of opportunity! Visual media seems to be where it is at these days and that does not look to change anytime soon. So, if you are wondering how you can better use the platform to share your company, create a signature look for your small business or personal brand, then you have come to the right post.


Imagine Reading Through Tons of Blog Comments and Loving Every Minute of It, Immensely Social

Today’s post comes in a Problem- Solution format…

PROBLEM- You pour your heart and soul into your blog content, but no one seems to care. You scroll through your comment section and the sound of crickets seems to play in the background. (We’ll get to the solution in a moment, patience darling. Or, you can skip my explanation and scroll on down.)


25 Quotes About Strength From 10 Successful Female Entrepreneurs, Cause Artist

The Spotlight Series brings inspiration from 10 Fearless Female Entrepreneurs to help empower other women to make their dreams come true. Let’s explore the driving factors behind these empowering women…


Millennials & The Mobile Work Movement, PopCrunch

As I type this, I’m sitting in a café in Ecuador in the Sierras. And while the Internet connection is slow and my laptop has its quirks, I have to marvel at the technology. It’s technology that allows me to do what I love, write and connect with people, while on the go. As visions of walking The Great Wall, climbing Machu Picchu, and meandering through the cobblestone streets of Venice dance through my head, I know that I can bring others on the adventure with me.


Healthy Obsession: 5 Habits That Will Drastically Improve Your Life, Elite Daily

Habits, negative or positive, make our days, our weeks and our lives. As Aristotle said: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. The great news is we can use habits to our advantage. In order to change unhelpful habits, like overeating or obsessive worrying, we must cultivate new, healthier habits.


“My work has always centered around wanting to lift people up and inspire.” J. Ivy, Zhena.TV

Really, I write poetry…. Not knowing he would be required to read it to the class, J. Ivy wrote a poem about clouds for an English assignment. Despite his embarrassment Ivy read the poem out loud upon his teacher’s request. His teacher was impressed and encouraged him to perform his poetry more in public. Now, J. Ivy cannot picture life any other way…